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Purification / Wiping the ears in wudhu’

Wiping the ears in wudhu’

publish date : 2014-04-03 | Views : 5971
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Respected Shaykh, it is written in Kashaf al-Qana’, “It is not obligatory to wipe what is covered of the ears (i.e. upper inner wedge of earlobe), because the head, which is the original part to be wiped, does not require wiping the parts that are covered by hair. So it is more so for the ear, and it is the upper inner portion of the earlobe.” Question 1: Does this mean that it is enough for the one making wudhu’ to insert his index fingers into the opening of his ears, and his thumbs behind them to wipe, without taking out his index fingers to wipe the upper inner portions of his earlobes, with an upward motion? Question 2: Is it mandatory to wash the flesh at the opening of the ear as part of washing the face? Question 3: A friend of mine says that the watarah is the partition between the nostrils and its lower part by which the sides are seen by the sides. Someone told him that he has to wash it as part of washing the face because it is the apparent ruling. Is what he says correct? Or is it sufficient to include it in what is required of washing the nose, i.e. istinshaq (sniffing in water and blowing it out)? مسح الأذنين

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The majority of scholars are of the opinion that wiping the ears is not mandatory while performing wudhu’. The consensus has stated that wiping the ears is not obligatory and that the purification (wudhu’) of one who does not wipe is valid. This is according to a group of scholars, such as Imam Abu Ja`far al-Tabari. However, an opinion of the obligation [of wiping ears] has been related by Ishaq bin Rahawiyah, and it is the madh'hab of the Hanbalis.

As for the description of the parts when wiping the ears, by those who see it as obligatory, then it is wiping the outside and inside, not including what is covered by the earlobe [or skin-folds]. Also, they made it clear that it is not necessary to wash the ear phone [opening of the ear], as it says in Kashaf al-Qana’, “It is necessary to perk up [wash well] the opening of the ear when bathing. As for in wudhu’, wiping it is not necessary.” [Kashaf al-Qana’ (1/100)]

As for the partition between the nostrils, then it is not necessary to wash it [separately].

I personally consider the origin of such extended research in this matter to either be unpraisworthy in depth pondering, or a type of whispering [phobia] that one should steer clear of.

May Allah guide you to all good.



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