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Marriage and Breastfeeding / The ruling on anal sex

The ruling on anal sex

publish date : 2014-07-04 | Views : 6054
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Is it permissible to have anal sex with the wife?

حكم إتيان المرأة في دبرها

 All praise is due to Allah alone, and may the Salah and Salam of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions. To answer your question, we say while seeking all the success  from Allah: There are more than twelve companions who reported from the Prophet (may the Salah and Salam of Allah be upon him) that he forbade anal intercourse with wives. From those companions are ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Abu Hurairah, Hudhaifah ibn al-Yaman, Ali in Talq, Talq ibn ‘Ali, Ibn Masoud, Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah, Ibn Abbad, Ibn Umar, al-Baraa ibn ‘Azib, ‘Uqbah ibn ‘Amir, Anas ibn Malik, and Abu Dhar (may Allah be pleased with them). While the reports relating to the impermissibility of anal intercourse have some weakness, altogether they are enough to stand as evidence to establish the ruling. The following is one of the reports about this topic: It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (may the Salah and Salam of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah will not look at a man who has intercourse with a woman in her back passage.” Reported by al-Tirmidhi and other, but the correct status of this report is that it is from the words of Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him and his father). This is the view of the majority of scholars. The ruling of impermissibility can be deduced from the ayah (interpretation of the meaning): {And they ask you about menstruation. Say, "It is a harm, so keep away from wives during menstruation.}. If the reason to forbid intercourse in the vagina is because the blood of menstruation is harmful, then it is even more fitting that anal intercourse be forbidden since it is a place where harm (feces) is permanent. As for the consequences of this action, if the husband forces his wife to have anal intercourse, she has the right to request the marriage be nullified. If the wife did it willingly, then the judge can separate between them.

Your brother,

Khalid al-Muslih


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