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Hajj and Umrah / Passing the Miqat without assuming ihram

Passing the Miqat without assuming ihram

publish date : 2014-08-25 | Views : 3459
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What is the ruling on the case where the pilot forgot to announce for the passengers that the plane has passed over the Miqat? Or when the passengers did not hear the announcement?

تجاوز الميقات دون الإحرام

All praise is due to Allah alone, and may the Salah and Salam of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions. To answer your question, we say while seeking all the success from Allah: In both cases, one needs to offer the expiation, unless he returned to the Miqat and assumed his ihram from there, according to the majority of scholars. And Allah knows best. Your brother, Khaled al-Mosleh   11/11/1424

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