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Miscellaneous Benefits / The requirements that must be present in a student of knowledge

The requirements that must be present in a student of knowledge

publish date : 2015-01-29 | Views : 2195
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Among the requirements that must be met by a student of knowledge in order to achieve his goal – aside from giving consideration to tawfiq (divine success) and whatever other support he is offered – are nine requirements:

The first:Intelligence by which he perceives the reality of things.

The second:Discernment by which he conceptualizes incomprehensible disciplines.

The third:Brilliance which allows him to retain by memory what he has conceptualized and understand what he has learnt.

The fourth:Desire which allows seeking knowledge to last and wards off boredom from arriving too soon.

The fifth:Having sufficient material sustenance that is adequate for the expenditure of studying.

The sixth:Free-time which gives him availability and by which a lot of knowledge is acquired.

The seventh:Not having any abrupt disturbances, of concerns and illnesses.

The eighth:Long life and a lengthy period of time to acquire a lot and finish with it at the ranks of perfection.

The ninth:Acquiring a scholar who is generous with his knowledge and thoughtful in his teaching.

If he meets these nine requirements, he will be the most delighted student and most successful learner.

Al-Iskandar said, “A student of knowledge requires four: time, aggressiveness, talent and desire; and its perfection with the fifth: a sincere teacher.”

[Adab al-Dunya wal-Din, al-Mawardi (pp. 67-68)]

الشروط التي ينبغي توفرها في طالب العلم

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