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Miscellaneous Benefits / Among the greatest causes of most fitnahs (strifes)

Among the greatest causes of most fitnahs (strifes)

publish date : 2015-01-29 | Views : 2903
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Our Shaykh (Ibn Taymiyyah) said, “Among the greatest causes of most of the fitnahs (strifes) that have occurred was a lack of patience, as fitnahs have two causes: either weakness in knowledge or weakness in patience, for ignorance and oppression are the source of evil, and the evil-doer only does evil due to his ignorance that it is evil and because his nafs wants to do it. So with knowledge ignorance disappears, and with patience whims and lusts are suppressed, and as such that fitnah disappears.”

[Al-Furu`, Ibn Muflih (6/160-161)]

من أعظم أسباب الفتن

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