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Prayer / Breaking Prayer in order to save property from destruction

Breaking Prayer in order to save property from destruction

publish date : 2016-01-09 | Views : 2977
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What is the ruling in the case where people are in a congregational prayer, and in the middle of the prayer a flock of sheep rush upon their food. Should one person break Prayer? And what is the ruling if someone speaks to alert others about the it?

قطع الصلاة لإنقاذ المال من الهلاك

Praise be to Allah, and may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.
As to what follows:

With regards to answering your question we say, success is by Allah Almighty.
It is permissible to break Prayer in order to rescue property from destruction. Some jurists have mentioned it. The permissibility s supported by The Prophet’s (peace be on him) saying:
“No prayer can be (rightly said) when the food is there (before the worshipper), or when he is prompted by the call of nature.” [narrated by Muslim (560) on the authority of of Tariq Ya’qub Ibn Mujahid from Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr from Aisha].
This hadith indicates prohibition of praying if there is something distracting the heart such that khushu (submissiveness)’ will be gone. So it is permissible for one of you to break his Prayer in oorder to save your food.
However, speaking intentionally during Prayer invalidates it, but there is no harm if is due to forgetfulness, confusion or mistake,
And Allah knows best.

Your brother,
Dr. Khalid al-Muslih
13 / 06 / 1425 AH

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