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Divorce fatwas / I threatened her with divorce, did it occur?

I threatened her with divorce, did it occur?

publish date : 2016-02-09 | Views : 2812
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I am a young married man. I have three children. I stay with my father and mother in one house. This house is on the roadside, and everyone passes through this street. Therefore, I warned my wife not to look over the windows, or go to the top of the house, so as to avoid bad words from people. For the record, I trust my wife very much. However, one day she went on top of the roof of the house to hang clothes so that they may dry. A passerby came along, and kept on looking at her. She ran and came down into the house, and did not tell me about what had occurred. After some time, I heard about this occurrence, and I rebuked my wife for hiding that from me. I told her, "If I see you on top of the house again, or if I see you looking over the windows, then you are divorced, you are divorced, you are divorced." However, she is obedient, and I trust her. Moreover, there is no place for us to put clothes for them to dry after they are washed. Therefore, it is impossible that she will not go to the roof of the house, or look over the window because this is her house, and the issue does not concern a period of one week or one month whereby she may be able to avoid what I prohibited her from doing. Therefore, Shaykh I am asking you: What is the ruling if she does what I prohibited her from doing. May Allah reward you with goodness.

هددتها بالطلاق فهل وقع؟

All praise is due to Allah. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions.
Repent to Allah for threatening your wife with divorce. If that happened because of anger which took you out of your normal state, then nothing is due from you. However, if you said that intentionally, and you were not overpowered by anger, and you meant to set the conditions for divorce, then if your wife does what you attached the divorce to, then she will be divorced once. If you did not mean that but rather wanted to threaten her and prevent her from going on top of the house, then you should expiate for your oath. May Allah bless you.

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