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Miscellaneous Benefits / Pelting the jamarat on behalf the sick and the young

Pelting the jamarat on behalf the sick and the young

publish date : 2016-07-23 | Views : 3868
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Ibn Abi Shaybah transmitted in his Musannaf (13837) on the authority of Tawoos that he said, "Someone can pelt the jamarat and circumambulate on behalf of a sick person." 'Abd al-Jabbaar ibn Wardah said, "My father sent me to Mujaahid when he was sick to ask him about pelting the jamarat, and he said, "His closest relatives should pelt on his behalf." Ibraahim ibn  Muhaajir narrated on behalf of 'Ataa that he said, "The sick person should hire a person who circumambulates on his behalf."Hanzalah said, "Tawoos was asked about a sick woman, and he said, "Her relative should pelt on his behalf." In Badaai' as-Sanaai' 2/138, al-Kaasaani said, "Pelting is accomplished if a person pelts himself or if someone pelts on his behalf because of his inability to pelt as in the case of a sick person. This is because it is allowed for a person to act on behalf of another in the actions of hajj like circumambulation, spending the day at 'Arafah, and spending the night at Muzdalifah. And Allah knows best." In al-Majmoo' 2/269, an-Nawawi said, "The scholars had a consensus that it is permissible to pelt the jamarat on behalf of a young boy who cannot pelt for himself because of his young age. The view of our mathab is that a sick, mature person who cannot pelt for himself takes the ruling of a young boy. This was also the view of al-Hasan, Maalik, Ahmad and Ishaaq. An-Nakha'i said, "The stone is put in the boy's hand, and he is helped to pelt."

رمي الجمار عن المريض والصغير

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