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Purification / How can we lengthen the ghurrah (spiritual radiance) in wudhu?

How can we lengthen the ghurrah (spiritual radiance) in wudhu?

date de publication : 2014-04-03 | Vues : 8511
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How can we lengthen the ghurrah (spiritual radiance) in wudhu? كيف نطيل الغرة في الوضوء؟

Praise be to Allah, and may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.

As to what follows:

In response to your question, we say, and with Allah Almighty lies all success:

The ghurrah (spiritual radiance) in this case is limited to body parts [i.e. those that are washed in wudhu]. But lengthening the ghurrah – and Allah knows best – is achieved by always keeping oneself in the state of wudhu. This is because if the wudhu was constantly being repeated, the state of wudhu would be lengthened and the ghurrah would also be lengthened due to the increase in the number of wudhus being made constantly. So every time the wudhu is nullified it is remade.

Also, the face has its set limits, which is from the top of the forehead, i.e. the hairline, to the bottom of the chin; and it is not possible to bring it down to include the neck. This is why the scholars have said that washing or wiping the neck [in wudhu] is a bid`ah and not from the actions of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

So what is meant by lengthening the ghurrah is to constantly be making wudhu. This is what seems to be apparent to me, and Allah knows best.

As for Abu Hurayrah increasing in tahjil [i.e. increasing the area to be washed to increase shining from wudhu], then that was based on his ijtihad, and the rest of the companions disagreed with him. Moreover, the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, the Prophet (peace be upon him) – as mentioned in the hadith of Abu Hurayrah – when making wudhu, he would wash his arms until reaching his upper arms, i.e. start washing his upper arms. Likewise with his feet; he would wash them until reaching his shins, i.e. surpassing his ankles to start washing his shins. But he did not go much beyond that.

And Allah knows best.


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