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Sales Fatawa / Exchange by proxy.

Exchange by proxy.

date de publication : 2016-03-23 | Vues : 1959
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If a person gives money to his friend who is not a money changer and says to him: change it for me. The friend then takes the money and says: I will come with it tomorrow. Does this fall under the saying of the Messenger of Allah: “Gold is to be paid for by gold, silver by silver, wheat by wheat, barley by barley, dates by dates, salt by salt, like by like, payment being made hand to hand. He who made an addition to it, or asked for an addition, in fact dealt in usury. The receiver and the giver are equally guilty.” In other words is this permissible?

الوكالة في الصرف

Praise be to Allah, and may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.

To proceed:

The issue falls under one of the two scenarios:
First: The person gives his friend money so that he goes and changes it for him. This is authorization of an exchange which does not require swapping (of currencies) before parting ways.
Second: The person asks his friend to change money for him. This requires swapping (of currencies) before parting ways according to the Messenger of Allah’s (peace be on him) saying: “payment being made hand to hand”. There are other ahadeeth which affirm this. There is also unanimity on the requirement of swapping (currencies) before parting ways.

And Allah knows best.


Your brother,

Dr. Khalid al-Mosleh

03 /0 1 / 1425 AH

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